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Development of a technology transfer platform for the industrialization of new products in the field of personalized medicine and for the treatment and management of chronic diseases, high-medical-need oncological and rare diseases.


The technology transfer project will involve large companies, the partnership’s SMEs and universities with a supply-chain-like approach. The purpose is the creation of a platform to promote the industrialization of the results obtained with the experimental projects, which local companies can use in the future as well, through tutoring activities for SMEs by large companies and universities and an exchange of specific, highly technological know-how among companies and between companies and research institutions.

There will be activities aimed at promoting the transfer of knowledge and of methods to support industrialization and the enhancement of intellectual property.

Transfer of methods and knowledge and industrialization support: the three universities will set up in vitro and in vivo models for the industrial development of new drugs for the treatment of rare diseases; Angelini Pharma will support SMEs through its competencies in the development and industrialization of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products, with particular reference to formulation development and delivery, safety aspects, regulation aspects and reference guidelines, by means of dedicated meetings and specific workshops; likewise, Recusol will make available its competencies in the development of biological product formulation, which include the use of innovative delivery systems; Prosilas will make available its competencies in additive manufacturing and it will develop useful supports for the industrialization in the production of biotherapeutic products; Pharmaprogress will work at the validation and transfer of methods for the analysis of chemical and/or natural molecules; the Camerino University will make available in vitro models for the evaluation of innovative formulations for the vehiculation of molecules across the blood-brain barrier; Prosopika will validate in vitro methods to evaluate the vehiculation of molecules for dermatological uses.
Enhancement of intellectual property: the technology transfer departments of the universities will support companies and, in particular, SMEs in verifying the patentability of the results, through infringement clearance searches and support in drafting patent applications.
Training and tutoring activities will be carried out, aimed in particular at SMEs. The universities will set up courses and/or workshops on laboratory best practices; Diatheva will set up courses on production best practices; Diatech Pharmacogenetics will set up courses on guidelines for in vitro diagnostics.

Project leader

Marche Polytechnic University


Angelini Pharma Spa
Diatheva Srl
Diatech Pharmacogenetics Srl
Mivell Srl
Pharmaprogress Srl
Prosilas Srl
Prosopika Srl
Recusol Srl
Camerino University
Urbino University